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Fine Art & Craft Products - Miscellaneous

1,000 Cranes Origami Kit
15% off!

3M ATG Advanced Tape Glider Gun w/Tape
10% off!

Activa Plus Self Hardening Clay
10% off!

Alvin Utility Knife
20% off!

Art Alternatives Pottery Tool Kit
39% off!

Art Plaster of Paris
10% off!

Books by Hand Box Kits

Celluclay Instant Papier Mache
10% off!

Crowquill Pen Holder - Fits #102 Nib
10% off!

Fabric Block Printing Inks
20% off!

Instamold Mold Making Compound
10% off!

Jacquard Camo Tie Dye Kit
15% off!

Jacquard deColourant discharge paste

Jacquard Funky & Groovy Tie Dye Kits
15% off!

Jacquard iDye Fabric Dye
20% off!

Jacquard Mehndi Henna Tattoo Kit
15% off!

Jacquard Original Tie Dye Kit
15% off!

Jacquard SolarFast Dye 4oz Bottle
20% off!

Jacquard SolarFast Kit
15% off!

Kidzaw Master Kitz Great Wave

Kidzaw Master Kitz Starry Night

Kidzaw Master Kitz Sunflowers

Kidzaw Master Kitz Tree of Life

Kidzaw Master Kitz Water Lilies

Logan 2000 Advanced Hand Held Mat Cutter
10% off!

Manuscript Seal & Wax Set

Marblex Self Hardening Clay
10% off!

Mica Flakes Draw & Gild Kit
10% off!

Origami Animals Kit

Origami Birds Kit

Origami Classic Kit

Origami Under the Sea Kit

Pentel FabricFun Dye Stick
25% off!

Permastone Casting Compound
10% off!

Prang DAS Pronto Air-Hardening Modeling Clay

Rigid Wrap Plaster Gauze
5% off!

Sculpey 30-Color Set Sampler Set
10% off!

Sculpey Pluffy Clay Variety Packs
10% off!

Sculpey Polymer Clay White Modeling Compound
30% off!

Speedball Block Printing Inks - Water-Based 37 cc.(1.3 oz Tube)
20% off!

Speedball Block Printing Starter Kit
10% off!

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Kit
29% off!

Speedball Pen Holder
10% off!

Strathmore Blank Greeting Cards & Envelopes Bulk - 100 Pack
33% off!

Strathmore Fine Art Cards
35% off!

Super Sculpey Polymer Clay
25% off!

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