Permalba Artist Oils Black & White Tube - Value Packs

Permalba Artist Oils Black & White Tube - Value Packs

Weber Art

Artists' have relied on Original Permalba® White for superior quality and permanence since 1921.

Permalba® White is an exclusive blend of Titanium and other pigments prepared by a special process, developed after extensive laboratory and practical testing. It is acid and alkali resistant and ranks highest among the most opaque pigments with greater covering power. Permalba® White will not yellow with age and will yield tints of true color value and brilliance. It’s smooth buttery consistency dries to an elastic film that has no tendency to crack. Painting mediums do not affect its integrity.

A unique blend of organic and inorganic blacks and other pigments: Selected, tested, formulated and processed to impart a rich, intense chroma and subtle undertones when tinted with white. Permalba® Black’s buttery consistency works easily with brush or painting knife. It is formulated with a specially designed structure, eliminating oil separation, while producing crisp, distinct strokes and maintaining ease of use. Permalba® Black is compatible with artists’ oil or alkyd colors and can be thinned with Odorless Turpenoid®, Turpenoid Natural®, artists’ turpentine or other paint thinners.
WA 2758-3PK
clear Permalba Artist Oils Value Set 3-Tubes White 150 ml White
Special Order $59.97
WA 2768
clear Permalba Value Set 2-Tubes White 150 ml / 1 Turpenoid 118ml
Special Order $46.47

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