Arches Printmaking Sheets

Arches Printmaking Sheets


Mould-made in France, Arches Cover Sheets are 100% cotton, acid-free, buffered and measure 22" x 30". They feature a pronounced grain, deckled edges and registered watermark. They are ideal for all printmaking techniques, including stone lithography, intaglio and silkscreen as well as linocut, wood engraving and drawing. Often used as an archival cover for prints and old documents. 100% cotton, 310 lb.

Arches Palatine Sheets are specifically designed with a very smooth, natural white surface and are heavily sized to deliver exceptional results with Platinum printing. They are mould-made, with four deckle edges and a watermark, and measure 22" x 30".

BFK Rives Sheets offer a smooth surface and light sizing, making them great for all hand-printing processes, lithography, intaglio etching, wood engraving, silkscreen, linocut and collotype. Mould-made, 100% cotton, acid-free and buffered, the sheets measure 22" x 30" and have four deckled edges and a registered watermark. Arches Text Wove Sheets are excellent for book arts, drawing, etching, lithography and letterpress printing. Each 120 lb., 19-1/2" x 25-1/2" sheet is 100% cotton, acid-free, buffered and features a registered watermark.

AP 100510306
AP 100510306 	 Image Arches Printmaking Cover Sheets – White, 200 lb.
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