Jazz Jr.Washable Tempera Paint Regular Colors - 16 oz Bottles

Jazz Jr.Washable Tempera Paint Regular Colors - 16 oz Bottles

Van Aken, Inc

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, or is no longer available through ArtSuppliesOnline.com. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Jazz Washable Tempera Paint for Kids is a non-toxic water soluble paint available in 6 brilliant colors that wash completely out of clothing, off skin and all non-porous surfaces.

It is suitable for a wide variety of school art projects and it's safety and water clean up make it ideal for use by younger artists.

The formula's thick semi-paste consistency is perfect for easel painting, finger painting, printmaking, and posters. When thinned with water, washable Jazz becomes a free flowing paint with excellent brushing qualities for watercolor techniques.

Best of all, Washable Jazz will not stain clothing. Just throw clothing in the washer and launder according to garment manufacturer's instructions. Washable Jazz will out perform every other "washable" on the market for both washability and color brilliance.

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