Iwata Hammerhead Shark Compressor

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Iwata Hammerhead Shark Compressor

Iwata / Medea

The Shark line of silent compressors, developed with Mark “The Shark” Rush, run cooler and more efficiently, thanks to a host of design innovations.

Featuring a cooling fan, extra-long, heavy-duty electrical cord and highly efficient moisture separator, the Hammerhead can be used in the studio. It’s designed to handle two brushes simultaneously, even at different air pressures. Housed in an open cabinet with a convenient carrying handle on the top, the Hammerhead is built to provide clean, dry, hassle-free air.
  • 1.5 gallon tank
  • Highly efficient 5-micron moisture filter separates out any water before it gets to your airbrush
  • 1/2 Hp motor
  • Unique cooling fan positioned to cool the top of the motor/compressor unit, which is were the maximum cooling efficiency happens
  • The pressure regulator provides accurate pressure settings from 0 ­ 100 psi allowing the maximum use from your airbrush
  • An extra-long (10') and heavy-duty power cord allows direct connection into your power receptacle therefore eliminating any overheating problems developed by an undersized extension cord
  • Sturdy wheels allow the compressors to be easily transported
    MZ SHARK 50
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