Prismacolor Art Marker Sets - Chisel /Fine Tip

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Prismacolor Art Marker Sets - Chisel /Fine Tip

Prismacolor / Sanford

Uncap your creativity with Prismacolor Double-Ended Art Markers. Artist and designer input lead to the art marker's unique design and incredible performance.

These markers offer a range of 156 vibrant colors.

The Prismacolor Art Marker is truly innovative with these features:

  • Four line widths in one marker for variety and flexibility
  • Paintbrush-like strokes from the broad nib
  • Fine nib for sketching, detail and cleanup
  • Juicy ink laydown and coverage
  • Consistent ink flow on both ends
  • Blends smoothly, bleeds colors and puddles just right
  • Stackable cap with "Click Fit" prevents dry-out
  • New logo design and color I.D. dot on caps
  • Approved as safe and non-toxic by ACMI
  • Art Marker Colorless Blender blends Prismacolor markers and colored pencils
  • Available in 156 individual colors or in sets of 24, 48, 72, 120, 144 and 156 (INCLUDES STAND
  • Alcohol Based, double ended markers. The #1 choice by students and professionals. Markers are compatable with laser prints and photocopies, will not cause smearing.

    Formerly the Original Berol Prismacolor Markers now made by Sanford Corp.
    SA 3722
    SA 3722 Image Prismacolor Art Marker Set 72 Colors
    Drop Ship $488.37 $390.70
    SA 3746
    SA 3746 Image Prismacolor Art Marker Set 156 Colors
    Drop Ship $1,055.08 $844.06
    SA 97
    SA 97 Image Prismacolor Art Marker Set 24 Colors with Hard Carry Case
    Drop Ship $169.37 $135.50
    SA 98
    SA 98 Image Prismacolor Art Marker Set 48 Colors with Hard Carry
    Drop Ship $338.62 $270.90

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